14 Storey Civic Centre Towers

About This Project

CA Consultants Limited designed and supervised the installation of the MEP systems of the Civic Centre towers building, located at Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is a 15 storey office building with three level car parking with a gross area of 16,000m2.

The air conditioning is provided by air cooled chillers located at the open part of third floor of the building. Every floor has an Air Handling Unit (AHU) that supplies cool air to the respective floors. The air flows through a ducted system, with multiple variable air volume (VAV) boxes situated at various sections to control the volume of air supply to every zone of a floor.  The fresh air requirement for the building is provided by a dedicated fresh air handling unit located in the plant room of the highest floor.

In regards to the water supply, water is pumped from two number 10m3/hr boreholes, the raw water is processed in a water treatment plant located on site and in turn stored in an underground water tank. The treated water from the underground tank is pumped to a storage tank on the fourteenth floor via transfer pumps.  Water flows from the tank by gravity to the sanitary fixtures on all the floors. Other piped services installations in the building include a drainage system and a fire fighting system which comprises of sprinklers, hose reel and fire hydrants. In addition one aboveground diesel storage tank is provided to supply diesel to four standby generators located on site. An underground sewage treatment plant is provided to treat the entire soil and waste water from the building before disposal into the public drains.

The building is serviced by four lifts. 3 number 1350kg/17/person, passenger Lifts and 1Number 1600kg/20/person, goods and services Lifts.  The three passenger lifts and goods/services lift shall service all the floors.

Electrical power supply to the building is from PHCN (1.5MVA 50Hz 11/0.415KV). There are four numbers 500KVA sound proof generators synchronized in a N+1 arrangement, to serve as backup power to the mains power supply from PHCN. The lighting systems are controlled by presence detectors, which switch powers on and off the light system when presence is detected. This is to ensure that un-accommodated rooms are not lit. This in effect will improve energy conservation of the building. The final Sub circuit power distribution is through floor boxes which also convey dual outlets for data and voice systems.

The building is designed to be an intelligent building which converges access control, CA TV system, PA system, Fire alarm, Data and voice systems on a single platform. The Building will also contain an integrated Building Management System (BMS) to monitor and control the chillers, air handling units and electrical panels.


Project: 14 Storey Civic Centre Towers

Location: Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

Status:  Completed 2015