14 Storey Heritage Place

About This Project

Heritage Place is an 18,000m2Office development located on 21 Lugard Roads along Alfred Rewane Road (formally Kingsway Road).

The site is bounded on the West by Alfred Rewane Road and to the North by Lugard Road, with residential buildings and offices on the Eastern and Southern boundaries.

The proposed development includes 15,300m2 of office accommodation over 8 levels with a shared reception at ground floor, 5 levels of Car park and a roof plant space.

The offices have been designed for multiple tenancies at each floor level (up to four independent tenants at each level).

CA Consultants Limited designed and supervised the installation of the HVAC, Electrical, Extra Low Voltage, Fire Fighting, Plumbing, Lift and Building Management System for the building.

Design consideration took into attention choice of materials and systems in line with LEED 2009 for Core and Shell Development. This ensured the certification of the building with the United State Green Building Council. (UGBC). The building was certified after the project has handed over.

 i) Mechanical (HVAC) Services Design

HVAC on Heritage Place

The building was targeted for LEED certification, therefore energy efficient air-conditioning systems were considered for the project using ASHRAE energy standard 90.1-2010 as design guide. The air-conditioning systems in the building is a combination of 5nos. water cooled chillers, 5nos. cooling towers,  variable air volume air-handling units, constant air volume air-handling unit, chilled water and condenser water circulating pumps, fresh air-handling unit with integral energy recovery system, and mini split type air-conditioning systems.

Ventilation fans were selected to achieve specific fan power within agreed values with the LEED expert. Pressurization systems were provided to prevent damage to life and properties in fire situations. The pressurization fans are energized by the fire alarm panel on receiving signals from the panel. Stale air in the toilet is to be ejected through roof mounted central exhaust fans.

ii) Public Health Services Design

The domestic cold water system is provided from underground treated water storage tank and storage tank located on the roof. Rain water and Condensates from the Air conditioning unit are discharged into an underground attenuation tank.

The domestic cold water is pumped from two number 10m3/hr. boreholes. The raw water is processed in a water treatment plant located in the basement and in turn stored in the underground water storage tank. The treated water then feeds a booster set, which supplies the storage tank on the roof level, and a system of gravity domestic cold-water pipework feed all sanitary fittings and kitchen appliances. Other piped services installations in the building include a drainage system and a fire fighting system, which comprises of sprinkler, hose reel and dry fire riser. In addition, two numbers 33m3 diesel storage tanks are provided to supply diesel to four standby generators. An underground sewage treatment plant is provided to treat the entire soil and waste water from the building before disposal into the public drains. The building is serviced by 6nos 18 passenger lifts and Cleaning cradle.

iii) Electrical Services Design

 Electrical power supply to the building is from 11KV EKEDP network. Utility power is distributed into the building via 2No. 1.5 MVA 50Hz 11/0.415kVtransformers. Four numbers of 1.0MVA sound proof generators are provided as a backup power to the building. The generators are controlled as a single synchronized group using two synchronizing panels with a cabled communication link. Four independent Electrical rising Mains us-bars are provided for the connection of the office and car park floors power and lighting distributions boards and landlord’s distributions.

The lighting systems are controlled by presence detectors, which switch power on and off when presence is detected. The final sub-circuit power distributor is through floor boxes, which also convey dual outlets for data and voice systems. Raised floors are used on all let-able spaces, this is to enable power distribution in line with requirement of perspective tenants.

The building is made intelligent with the addition of the following services; Access Control, CATV system, PA system, Fire Alarm, Data, Voice. The building design also provided for Building Management System (BMS) to monitor and control Mechanical, Electrical and Piping systems major equipment.


Project: 14 Storey Heritage Place

Location: Lugard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

Status:  Completed 2016